Bad things happen on holiday sometimes

Not to me. Well. Not this time. But it seems like something happened to some Filipino guy. I was walking home from the Co-op and I saw a fresh poster stuck up on a few poles near the bus station in between District 5 and District 1. I glanced at it and the English phrase struck me hard and I stopped to look at it and take a photo.

Now, I only had my old Galaxy Tab with me, which was a pretty crappy camera, so the resolution isn’t good enough for me to read it sufficiently for me to translate it all for you, but the essence is fairly obvious.

A father from the Philippines has taken off on holiday, by himself. He’s been wandering around and the last thing his family heard him say was “I love Cambodia”. It would seem he had plans to visit Vietnam as well, because after hearing nothing from him for I don’t know how long, his family have despaired that something has happened to him, and obviously from the names and local phone numbers at the top, they had family or friends in Saigon, so they’ve asked them to put up posters.

But it’s those English words, “DADDY, COME HOME” that get you, right ? There’s some Filipino kids back home in Manila or Quezon or somewhere asking “Ina (that’s “mother” in Filipino) When is Daddy coming home from holiday ?” and sadly, mummy doesn’t know the answer. I know it’s not a great option, but hopefully Bong, that’s their Dad, is just having a good time and he’s run into some cool people and holed up somewhere or something. But maybe not. Things don’t always turn out wonderful on holiday, and you don’t always have to be a rich western tourist for things to go awry on the way from Phnom Penh to Saigon.

Anyway, that was my little moment of awareness for the day. My biggest worries today were “Can I afford to buy some Hello Kitty toys ?” and “Where will I get my shoes mended ?” But some people have bigger problems. Count yourself lucky.

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