Wet shoes on the way to Mieu Ba temple


I’ve been to Vung Tau many times, but I’ve never been to Mieu Ba temple, the small Buddhist temple on Hon Ba island located in the shadow of the Christ of Vung Tau’s left arm which stands on the headland …

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Eunji Ban – “Because it’s you”


I wrote this story in May 2014 for Korea Today. They don’t have their content online and it was a very personal story so I have finally got around to posting it here. I originally posted an opinion piece here the …

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Listening to Wanbi’s advice


This article was published on Yan News in Vietnamese a while back. I still have not to date published the full version anywhere except my Facebook. Since it’s getting harder and harder to dig this story out of my old Facebook …

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Saying goodbye to Ten Dollars


I would like to tell you a story about Ten Dollars. Ten Dollars is not a thing or a quantity. Ten Dollars is a person. A street vendor who I have known for several years. He worked in Pham Ngu …

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Reflections on a Liberation Day holiday


I woke up at midday. The heat is oppressive today. It’s been a long week over the Liberation Day holiday. There were extravagant weddings to attend and foreign guests to entertain. A server crash in California kept me tied to …

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FastNood – Noodles and rice made your way


David and Yi’s Food Revue It’s hard for me to get take-away for me and my Vietnamese wife together. There’s a lot of things that we each don’t like. I love udon or ramen soup, but I hate phở. She …

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Mot Hai Ba Yo !


“Mot hai ba yo !” is a phrase we’ve heard a lot in Vietnam. It seems like we have a sport of “synchronised drinking” whereby we have to all raise our glasses at the same time and keep up with …

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Bui Vien – surveillance state ?


A lot has been cleaned up in Pham Ngu Lao in recent times. A concerted effort existed to clear the park of drug abusers and late night criminals and it was noticeable the way shortly afterwards you could walk through …

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Chuck’s Burgers, the hangover saviour


So, last night I had promised myself I wouldn’t get too drunk. I have to start a new job this afternoon teaching computer skills to young kids at a charity school, and even if it’s just a volunteer thing and …

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Spicing up dinner with social cooking classes at Sassy Kitchen


Like many expats who come to Vietnam for a new life, Riccha Arora had a different profession as an IT consultant, but following her passion led her to spend more time doing what she loves which is sharing her interest …

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