DB Restaurant, Cong Quynh, Sai Gon


After going out to my regular cheap meal haunts, ok, I lie, I’ve eaten every single meal in Saigon this week at Lam Cafe, I decided to try something different. I walked up to Cong Quynh in the hot sun …

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Old dogs and new tricks


I remember when I first moved into Pham Ngu Lao… like, really moved into the suburb, not just visiting, I spent a lot of time taking photos of the neighbourhood. I was fascinated with the local people. I loved watching …

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Skype is the greatest invention of the 21st century


That’s a pretty bold claim, right ? Of all the things that we’ve gained in terms of medicine, travel and of course the internet itself, why would I choose this one ? Because if you’ve seen the smiling faces of …

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Old Da Nang and New Da Nang on a Starry Starry Night


It was windy and cold in Da Nang last night. I was alone for Tet. I felt sort of free and alive in the cold night air. I decided to ride up to the headland. It was REALLY windy and …

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New years in Da Nang


Mi really wanted to see the fireworks. She’d been counting down the days. Some days it was the first thing she’d tell me when she woke up… “Hey.. it’s only 2 days until the fireworks”. She taught me how to …

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School field trip to Da Nang beach


Teachers are supposed to be paranoid right ? We’re supposed to think of the worst case scenario at all times. Western teachers especially fuss and worry and take extreme precautions. We prepare for a field trip like we’re organising an …

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Christmas in Da Nang


This year I was living in Da Nang at Christmas and working for a small English centre called Eureka. Being the new teacher and being as enthusiastic about cooking as I am, my boss asked me if I’d like to …

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Moving to Da Nang


On Friday night I put my lovely Hayate and 450kg of luggage on the train to sunny Da Nang. It was a reasonably trying but somewhat comical experience. The station staff in the cargo area there speak absolutely no English …

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Why teaching primary school is like training Pokemon


As an apology to real fans I will admit I’ve never been a real Pokemon addict. I love them, but I’ve never been a real player. I thought X and Y was really cool and I bought a copy of …

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Vinalearn – A never ending series of utter lies


When the new school year began approaching, I looked with all the delicious jobs on offer with relish. There were some great jobs with great salaries in areas all over Saigon. It was going to be great pickings this year, …

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