About This Journey

This blog will be about my current journey in Asia. I have been to Asia before, having lived for about six months in Vietnam and I’ve also visited Singapore briefly, but this time I wanted to travel more extensively and see more places, so I’ve embarked on a much more epic quest.

I have really no idea where I’m going other than that I’ve promised a number of friends that I will be in Saigon by the end of January 2012, so that’s my only specific plan, but I have a general idea that maybe I would like to travel from my home country of Australia to Malaysia, then through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and money permitting, South Korea and Japan.

I know from experience that things never go according to plan and plans are just frustrating things to have, so I have no itinerary and I have booked no flights or accommodation beyond the country I’m in. If I get sidetracked and meet a pretty girl as I’m prone to do and end up staying somewhere longer than expected, or even just taking off and going somewhere I hadn’t considered, that’s great too. No plans. Just freedom and enjoying South East and Eastern Asian culture.

I’m a big fan of Asian music, so you can expect me to talk a lot about my favorite music groups from Japan, Korea and many other countries, because there’s a lot more to Asia than just food and pretty architecture. It’s about people, and music, and culture, and I will be talking a lot about those things as well. Expect lots of photos and some video blogs as well. I hope you enjoy it and if you want to email me about anything or if you want to offer me a job as a writer (I’m an Australian Journalist and Alliance member) feel free to contact me at pawzlion@gmail.com

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the picture that’s the background for the site, it’s a picture of the Saigon bridge at sunset that I took coming up the river last year.

6 Responses to About This Journey

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  2. Bunny says:

    It’s good to get a fresh way of loiokng at it.

  3. Yo Pawz, its Kitsune/Phy83r0pt1k, glad to see your still alive. I heard ya got injured and went on to find your new blog, i subscribed to your RSS feed on my phone so i can read on from my phone. Hope ya recover soon.

    • pawz says:

      Thanks man. I was so badly hurt I couldn’t get out of bed for a couple of days but I’ve seen some great doctors who’ve helped lots and I’m feeling so much better now !

  4. You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

    • pawz says:

      I find your comment both flattering and at the same time embarrassing because I can’t believe you really think that. I have written so infrequently lately because of my laptop woes, but I really do try to paint as personal and intimate a picture as possible of what life here is like and what the people I meet are like. If you’re for real, then thank you. Please recommend it to your friends. There is no higher praise to me than just knowing people read it and occasionally dropping a random comment about an article.

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