A lazy Sunday afternoon on Bui Vien

I spent most of Sunday sitting in the street in various spots. I had an omlette for breakfast at Santa, then after wandering around I lazed over a Thai yellow curry and rice for hours (which was quite good I might add, cooked at Santa but I ate it across the road) and had a couple of beers in the shade. Tony came up to see if I wanted a magazine and asked if he could sit and have a beer. He sat around for a while commenting it was a pretty slow afternoon because of the football being on.

I moved around a couple more times, taking a lot of photos. Nothing really unusual happened. I just thought I’d show you some photos of daily life in Saigon on Bui Vien street. I’ll pick out a couple of particular photos and then include the whole album.

I love when the whole family gets on a motorbike together

This guy is adding ice to the tea that is provided for the street workers. Though it's mostly tap water with a little tea, it's better than nothing.

That's no way to treat a mate !

Every Vietnamese kid cares about the soccer. Even the girls

It's easy to avoid these guys because I don't watch English movies, but I made the mistake of telling him I would buy Vietnamese music DVD's. He went and found me some later that afternoon.

This is Tony. If you need a copy of Newsweek or The Economist, he's your man. He's also wearing my hat.

Delicate foreign girls hate the midday heat

Easy like Sunday mornings


Recycling. It gives people jobs.

This girl was dangling this piece of wire out of her window for hours. She was THAT bored

Stopping for some tea. I bet it's hot by now though

Dogs just love motorbike rides

Eggstremely fragile (I'm sorry. Couldn't resist)

If you're a girl, you can wear your pyjamas all day. Even old women can do it. I'm serious ! Pyjamas.. all day. Girls only though.

Well someone's thrilled to be photographed aren't they ?

In Asia, there is no age at which it is uncool to wear an Angry Birds shirt

Those look pretty good, right ?

This blind girl even gets around on motorbikes on her own

This is the street where everything happens in Saigon - Bui Vien. But it's still quiet at this time of day.

Just being yourself on Bui Vien

The very important bia hoi being delivered

The very important bia hoi being poured (for me !)

Someone got fresh ink today

Hope you enjoyed some of those. Here’s the full album:

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