A Happy Ending

No, not the kind you get in a massage parlour ! A happy ending to this story about some kittens.

When I came back to my hotel yesterday to park my motorbike in the parking garage I noticed a box on the ground beside me. Glancing down I saw this:

At first my heart went cold when I saw them huddled together, not moving and I thought maybe they were dead. With much trepidation I reach down and touched the ginger one on top. He immediately woke up and started mewing pitifully at me and the others woke up too and just looked at me with their huge round eyes. I immediately went back to my room and got online looking for an animal shelter in Penang. I found an organisation called the Penang Animal Protection Society, but their facility had not yet been built. I posted on their Facebook, asking if they knew somewhere the kittens could be taken, but sadly I got no response.

This morning before I checked out I asked the desk clerk if he knew about the kittens in the garage. He gave me a big smile and said “Many people have asked me about the kittens. Do not worry. I am feeding them. I went to the pet store and got special kitten formula and I feed them many times a day with a special syringe. I am not allowed to bring them inside, but they are warm and well cared for there. When they are old enough, I will give them away.”. I was so relieved and I said “You are a good man” and he just smiled at me and said “Someone left them in front of my car, so now they are my responsibility until they are old enough to give away. When I am not on duty, I have someone else feed them. Thank you for asking about them”.

So there you go. Happy ending for three tiny abandoned kittens in Penang. Originally I wasn’t going to tell this story, but since it has a happy ending, I was pleased to be able to tell you. There are lots of cats in Penang. Especially around the fishing village, I saw many lazing around in the sun looking well fed and happy. I guess being a cat in Malaysia isn’t a bad deal, especially in the fishing areas.

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2 Responses to A Happy Ending

  1. Maralynn says:

    I suppose that sounds and smlles just about right.

  2. Khazh says:

    Big heart man :D…

    Those kitty are so cute… I love kitty… :D

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