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Vietnamese people don’t eat apple skins !

This isn’t a big deal but I thought it was amusing. Vietnamese people don’t like eating apple skins. When they want to eat an apple, they peel it. This amuses me because in most western countries we don’t do this. …

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Protected: Starbucks and the globalisation of Vietnam

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Why I’m not happy

I told you that Nam and Lynne’s (actually her name is Lien but I’m going to stick with Lynne) caretaker had been imprisoned for abuse. I was at a writers meeting at work yesterday and the subject came up and …

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Nam and Lynne’s story isn’t over

I wanted to give an update on anyone who has ever followed my stories about Nam and Lynne. I won’t rehash the story for those who don’t. Well, if you read my recent blog post on about them you …

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Dinner in Saigon

In response to the question “So what do you cook over there in Vietnam ? Rice ?” I thought I’d take a photo of last night’s dinner. Not because it was overly fascinating. I just enjoyed making it. See, I …

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Roses in Saigon – Nam and Lynne’s story

You know Nam and Lynne right ? If you have ever followed my blogs for more than a couple of weeks consecutively it’d be surprising if you didn’t know who they were by now. Nam and Lynne were my rose …

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Sakura Kinomoto – The girl of a thousand voices

I was disappointed early on to find that Vietnam is not a big anime consumer. A few simplistic children’s anime are popular, and there is even an awesome manga cafe in District 5 in Saigon that I know with wall …

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The last plane out of Sydney’s almost gone

Today was Australia Day. I only vaguely remembered because a few days ago I was using a funny nationalist parody of Australians (Straya Day) to justify why it was ok to laugh at cultural stereotypes. At only 9pm on the …

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Representing the Australian part of Australasia from my apartment window for all the visitors across the alley.

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Funny things Vietnamese people have said to me #827

My friend sent me this text message this morning: “Sorry. Will be late getting to your house. My mother wants me to pick up two death chickens this morning” Death chickens ? Wow. I didn’t know the chickens here were …

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